Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rush on the Ride Home

(Photo By Randa El Tahawy)

    There is a rush that comes when you look at the sun setting down. You see colors, you feel the whether changing, you know it is the end of daylight and that there is a night full of events coming up. It is a really messy rush as you can see but I guess that's the beauty of it because it all happens so fast  you don't even see the time passing. ( How long is a sunset anyway? I should look for it) When I look at it, I see all that happened during the day fading away in the colors in such a beautiful way that it makes me want to say "stop, don't go,don't end, please stay a little longer".

Seeing the sun and those warm colors with this road and the cars, it looks like the drive home, the drive back to reality and to the city( I think I was out of the city when I took this picture). This drive back is always the hardest one. When you know that you were able to escape for a while from all the madness of the week, now nature itself is telling you that it is enough, "time to go back". I am glad I was able to capture this moment, this exact moment when you tell yourself "Forever Today" because it is a moment that we all feel when the week end is coming to an end or in fact when any Escape Time that we had is coming to an end.

What is also strange on the picture, is that the sun is not completely down but you know it is  coming down so you, start enjoying every second, every feeling and every change of color of this drive back before it ends. I must sound like a person who really doesn't like the week, but I am not, I just like escaping from time to time because reality can be sometimes and most of the times really stressful and I feel that escaping in any kind of way is the cure to everything. (Unfortunately my escapes sometimes last longer than they should and come at really inappropriate times but I'm working on it)

So this was my picture of the week end, I never thought pictures would be so inspiring.  They  really are because you choose to see what you want in those pictures. In fact, what is more important is that you do not only see, you also feel the elements and I think that no matter how unprofessional this picture is and how ugly the road is ( see those cables and those cars and there is this ambulance!) there is this one detail ( the colors and the sun for me) that changes everything and makes it perfect.

As hard as it is to let the week begin, looking at this picture tells me that it is ok, because there are more escapes to come and more sunsets to come reminding us of this rush ( I really like those rushes ).


Mahmoud said...

you succeeded in making me overlook the dirty cables and cars :)

In Randa's Words said...

Thank you Torky!!! :)

Alexandra DM said...

Yeah I totally know that drive back home and back to reality in the sunset feeling, it's so special but terrible, it's the drive you wish would never end. I just love that you talked about it.
Waaaaah, j'avais pas remarqué, YOU DID IT, the blog! Okay I'm gonna go on reading :-p . Bisouuus!