Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunny Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the top holidays destinations for tourists and locals in Egypt. It combines all the right ingredients for a perfect vacation with an Egyptian touch. 

Located in South Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh is five hours away from Cairo. It has an international airport  with flights serving many cities around the globe.

 What's the fuss all about?

Sharm El Sheikh, or Sharm for locals is not only the City of Peace, where President Mubarak holds his talks and conferences .

It is the Egyptian Las Vegas with much more like:

  •  The Red Sea.  Forget about all the beaches you visited, the Red Sea is one of the best in the world. Ayman Taher a pioneer in underwater photography says in his book that the Red Sea is the Mecca of underwater photographers.
  • Water Activities, with the best Diving and Snorkeling. You have an open live Aquarium available all for yourself
  • Sun, Sun and Sun, it is always Sunny in Sharm (I got a tan in December)
  • Food, Egyptians do love food so you have a wide choice
  • Party all night long, wild crazy nights happen all day

Naama Bay where it all happens

Naama Bay is the hot spot of Sharm with all the hotels, restaurants,shops, pubs and clubs. You will find all kinds of hotels there from three to five stars usually fully booked.

In Naama after soaking the sun on the pool or the beach you can have a nice walk along the pathways with many shops then have a Shisha at Tche Tche coffeshop. At night you could go for dinner and late night clubbing.

 For an experience of good dancing, I recommend Pacha , the renowned club for a wild night of fun although its crowd can be a little weird. Little Buddha is also one of the top-notch clubs there, a bit pricey but worth the quality and the good atmosphere.

If you're not up for a wild night, a very good place to go is Camel Bar at the Camel Hotel. They have good live entertainment, screening of football games and one of the best burgers in town.

You will find Naama Bay as the busiest around Sharm El Sheikh, it has all the activities and can be sometimes overcrowded. People from all over the world come there but also a lot of Egyptians who leave the stress of the city to go wild.

Chill and Fun
 Sharm El Sheikh is this city where you go only to have fun and explore the wonders of Sinai and the Red Sea. This is why five days around would be enough for you to chill and relax.

For Egyptians, it is a city where everything can happen. Apart from the many foreigners, you will find lots of Egyptian locals working there in the tourism industry, upper middle class people looking for fun and honeymooners.

Other than Naama Bay, you can also find nice activities around the Hadaba and a new spot called Soho Square  with shops, restaurants and bars.

Sharm El Sheikh is surely a top holiday destination with its peak season all year long but the busiest is in December and April-May. The best times to go there are in June and July although the weather will be extremely hot.

(Photos by Randa El Tahawy)


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