Monday, June 8, 2009

Hopes and Promises: Obama day in Cairo

The post comes quite late but honestly these days many things happen around here.

Thursday 4th of June 2009 President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama came to Cairo to deliver a speech to the Muslim word at Cairo University (and my dad was there!!!).

I think it is something that should be marked in my blog's history. Frankly speaking we are all somehow skeptical of the outcome and of the speech itself but come on people he is quite the character and knows how to speak!! I personally liked the speech, Obama is charismatic and I guess for now this is enough for us to have a tiny bit of hope or not? Or at least enjoy watching his speech and reading his words? (Too simplistic?) Last week was all filled with articles, comments, forecasts etc.. Oh and don't remind me of how everyone was talking about Obama coming to the city, the traffic where is he going when is he coming, trying to know what he will visit etc... The nicest thing was also that everyone was warning us that this day we all have to stay home because of traffic because we know that when things like this happen in Cairo they can block any street even it is on the other side of the city and has nothing to do with the speech location. So work gave us a day off!! And oh la la the streets were sooo empty it was amazing. I wish Cairo was that empty everyday life would be so much easier.
So yes Obama Cairo Day was important last thursday it was a highlight !

Politically speaking and all of this, frankly, I don't have much to say, it's true that we heard many of these statements before and had hopes and promises, but I don't know, politics is not my playground it is just too messy, dirty etc... I just like to be an informer and my mission is to be able to speak the truth and state the facts so that's it I like to wait and see and observe.

Full text: Obama's Cairo speech (

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Work in Community Times!!

Community Times' website is now functional, you can check out all the articles on with my work of course :). I wrote the latest one several months ago but we decided to publish it in the June issue. I am really proud of this article as I spent a lot of time researching and asking around. I got a lot of interesting info and I think that this issue is really important, violence and education. Many conversations and debate either start or end up from the same point. Education in Egypt has to be improved and from that, many steps can be taken to improve the lives of the people. Enjoy...

The copy pasting does not work properly so check the links on Community Times' website. (Merci Alex!)