Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Work in Community Times!!

Community Times' website is now functional, you can check out all the articles on www.communitytimesmagazine.com with my work of course :). I wrote the latest one several months ago but we decided to publish it in the June issue. I am really proud of this article as I spent a lot of time researching and asking around. I got a lot of interesting info and I think that this issue is really important, violence and education. Many conversations and debate either start or end up from the same point. Education in Egypt has to be improved and from that, many steps can be taken to improve the lives of the people. Enjoy...

The copy pasting does not work properly so check the links on Community Times' website. (Merci Alex!)


Alexandra DM said...

Hey, there's something wrong with this post, it's cut on the right side and you can't see bits of words, so can't really read... :-(

I'm loving this blog though, keep it up !!!

In Randa's Words said...

Thank You Alexouu :)You can check the articles on the website of the magazine eheh

and I fixed the page :) Bisousss